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Gielle was set up in 1986 after an experience started in 1977 in the wood field with another brand. Gielle exports in 54 Countries and it's the third producer of wedges in the world.
We made of innovation our first engagement:
4 testeThe first electric framing machine, in 1989. The first Four Heads machine, in 1992
(capable to assemble four corners of a frame by a single stroke). The Arrow machine,
world exclusive plan and design. The best professional samples moulding cabinet in the market, the first to use exclusive sliding noiseless panels. The silicone glue on the wedges sticks.
Cornici Point, the best Italian framers' shop net with an advanced marketing program.
New exclusive wrapping paper and Pop Art paper in rolls for the back of the frames instead of the old Varese paper.
New products will be added to our product range during the end of 2009 and in 2010.

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