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COD. ZMA000140

Giuseppino Favaro planned the first F301P in 1989. It was the first electrical framing machine,
a step forward for all the field. Since then over
5000 of these have been sold (in the pneumatic
versions) all over the world.
The problem that arose at that period was to construct a tool of great reliability without any maintenance. This because the product was due to the exports in far-off countries where a repair would cost too much to our local distributor. Thus we produced a simple pneumatic machine, as a tribute to the principle
that “what does not exist cannot be broken”. F301P (and its evolution F303P) was the first machine to have adopted the blue social color that still today features our machines. In these twenty years many improvements have been introduced in the F301P but the price is better than before thanks to the many customers who
allowed us a mass production of this model .

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Gielle sas P.I. 01338580283, via Cesare Battisti, 8 35010 Fratte di Santa Giustina in Colle (PD) Italy